Days of Future Past (2014)

"Lol lates Raven"

I know borderline nothing about the X-Men but this is the most hilariously casual thing I’ve ever seen in my life

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I love science.

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Agents of SHIELD commentary: Elizabeth Henstridge on “FZZT”.

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Batman Animated (1998) artbook:

From Emmy Award-winning-producer Paul Dini and acclaimed designer Chip Kidd comes Batman Animated, the behind-the-scenes story of the hit show that revolutionized television animation and brought a stunning new look to the legendary Caped Crusader. Since its premiere in September 1992,Batman: The Animated Series has been acclaimed by enthusiastic viewers and longtime fans of the Batman character as the defining image of the Dark Knight onscreen.

Now readers are offered an inside look into the creation of the series. Granted unprecedented access to the archives of the Warner Bros. Animation Studio, Chip Kidd has combined breathtaking photographs by Award-winning photographer Geoff Spear and fashioned an imaginative layout of never-before-published preproduction and finished artwork that echoes the boldness of producer-designer Bruce Timm’s powerful TV show.

Paul Dini’s text offers entertaining and informative commentary on the series history, development, and continuing production. It includes glimpses into the making of the Batman animated features Mask of the Phantasm and SubZero, and a sneak peek into the future projects.

Featuring a detailed episode guide, comments from the series creators and voice actors, and an introduction by Bruce Timm, Batman Animated is a must-have for Batman fans young and old.

Rose McGowan phtographed by Kate Garner, 1998

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Can I get “If you were my girlfriend…” messages?

I’m a dude, but do it for me.

Just like it says.

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people who’ve never experienced financial woes: ummmm why dont you just work 100 hours a week, sell everything you own, including your organs lol?

"McDonald’s is always hiring! :)"

"Ask for more hours!"

"Get a better job. You’re just being lazy! "

"Just go out and apply! There’s plenty of jobs out there!"

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